The Book of Ecclesiastes is part of the “wisdom literature” of the Scriptures (along with Proverbs and the Book of Job). Many readers think The Teacher of Ecclesiastes is a “Debbie Downer” or “Ned Negative” sort of person. This autumn, we will unfold the meaning of this biblical work and we’ll begin to see instead that the writer is on a search for meaning in life. This search, or what I’m calling The Quest, is fruitless apart from living life in humility and recognizing that we are not in control of life– but the Lord is!

People often try to fill their lives with things that they think will bring them purpose and satisfaction, hoping that it will be found in our careers, family, or by pursuing our own pleasures. The message of Ecclesiastes explores the ultimate emptiness of these things and other ways we attempt to find happiness in life apart from God. Instead, we must continually be reminded that we must have reverence for the Lord in order to make sense out of the disappointments of life. This perspective can make all the difference. That is The Quest. Series starts on Sunday, September 23rd.